About Lorette

Lorette cannot remember a time when she didn’t paint, make cards or ‘write’ books – but she did follow a different career path in early adult life.

She did attend a five day watercolour workshop run by The Chelsea Physic Garden, which has held a range of amazing plants since its beginning in 1673. Apart from that course, Lorette has had no formal training - just a lot of practice!

Travelling and living abroad for many years, Lorette developed her skills of sketching and researching local customs and curiosities. She also edited and illustrated a monthly ‘site magazine’ whilst living in Construction Villages in South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Such was the amount of her travelling, sketching and painting that quite naturally Lorette was inspired and indeed encouraged to exhibit her work wherever she went. For examples  of her involvement in exhibitions (CLICK HERE)

Whilst in Hong Kong as she continued to sketch and paint, it suddenly occurred to her that all those sketches and paintings might, if put together, make a fine sketchbook. They did! - and so “Sights & Secrets” Sketches and Paintings of Hong Kong arrived. This was followed in short order by several more sketchbooks of the Far East. (CLICK HERE) and many related items (CLICK HERE).

Sketchbooks inevitably led to Commissions from private individuals, charities and hotels. In particular, Lorette provided the sketches and drawings for the Peninsula Hotel in their book entitled “Our Hong Kong”. For a selection of Lorette’s commissions (CLICK HERE).

Lorette has for many years run workshops: first in UK, then in Hong Kong but now back in UK in her Suffolk Studio. Her ethos at workshops is to encourage and facilitate anyone who is keen to start, continue or improve their sketching and painting skills. Her workshops   comprise small groups (up to 6) where each person works independently - so that Lorette can give individual attention to everyone in turn and yet there is time to try out new  techniques and suggestions.