My Hong Kong Brolly - Red - Folding
"My Hong Kong Brolly" red folding umbrella - so useful!Lorette Roberts’ design, a collage of many familiar Hong Kong images, reminds her of one of her favourite cities in the worl..
"My Hong Kong Brolly" red folding u...
"My Hong Kong Brolly" red  stick umbrella  - so elegant!This version of the red umbrella is, of course, longer and once opened offers a larger area of shelter from typhoons, ..
"My Hong Kong Brolly" red  stick&nb...
"My Hong Kong Brolly Brolly" blue folding umbrella - just pop it in your bag!Inspiration for the blue umbrella came when Lorette was walking home through the Wanchai streets one e..
"My Hong Kong Brolly Brolly" blue foldin...
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