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It was only a matter of time before Lorette came up with a book about boats - so here it is, in her instantly recognisable style and colours!  You will find some historic references, sketches/paintings of the icons in Victoria Harbour, yachts big/small, the usual busy working vessels, many varieties of large/small river boats, many beautifully decorated ….. plus of course, the ropes, floats, fenders and anchors that are always nearby.

This book is spiced with Lorette’s hand-written notes of interesting trivia, facts discovered in her research and comments about the boats.

In common with all her books, this does not claim to be a reference tome but it is one that endeavours to conjure up memories and to trigger the imagination. For example, just what does Charlotte Dundas have to do with tugboats? and where would you put a ‘long button’? …..and, by the way, whilst floating through the pages, don’t forget to spot her little snails – one on every Page!

304mm x 217mm (Landscape) 72 pages